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Start CREW Near You

CREW Network will provide assistance to groups that express serious interest in forming a CREW Network chapter and can commit the time and energy needed to complete this process in a 12-month timeframe. 

The first step in forming a CREW Network chapter is to conduct a general assessment of your local market.  Questions to answer include:

  • Is the commercial real estate market expanding in your area? 
  • Are there enough players in the commercial real estate field to necessitate and/or who would be interested in belonging to a business networking group?
  • Are there local companies/corporations that would be willing to provide start-up funding for a business networking group?
  • Are there enough dedicated individuals willing to expend the time and energy necessary for chapter formation?  Legal documents required for formation, bylaws/processes to write and orchestrate, membership recruitment, sponsorship solicitation, regular event planning/coordination, etc.

CREW Network has developed a list of New Chapter Development Requirements to help you determine where your organization needs to focus its attention prior to submitting your application with CREW Network.  We can provide you with sample documents that will help you complete (or fine-tune) some of the necessary requirements.

We recommend that organizations be incorporated prior to applying for affiliation with CREW Network, to allow your core group more time to focus on other requirements.  Signing an Intent to Affiliate Agreement signals the start of the 12 month timeframe allocated for completion of all steps below.  An executed Intent to Affiliate Agreement must be on file prior to CREW Network providing sample materials.

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Organizations or developing organizations that are seeking affiliation with CREW Network must meet all requirements prior to consideration of the organization’s application.  This listing is not all-inclusive and there may be other items requested during the application review process.  If you have questions regarding this affiliation process, please contact CREW Network’s Chapter/Member Services Manager, Jenny Weissenbach at 785-832-1808 or